JR Belts

Head Instructor for this class is Semapi Steve Qualls

Teaching children has ALWAYS ben a specialty at Master Padgett’s Kenpo Karate School. A child’s life is as real to them as it is to an adult’s world, often times more. Our instructors get down on their knees to teach, so as to be eye to eye with the child. They don’t teach down to the child but to them on a level of respect to the child. This encourages willingness from the child to try as hard as they can an in turn they develop self-esteem. Children as well as adults are taught to walk from a fight but if they have no other choice, but to defend, they know they can – THIS IS CONFIDENCE. This confidence is carried with them to their school work and daily lives.

  Why Kenpo? From the very first lesson the student realizes how relatively easy it is to learn. Since the movements are natural, the student begins to formulate self defense techniques in the first lesson. Everyone learns at a different pace.  Knowing this the Instructor encourages the student to learn as much as they can in any one lesson, but to move only at their rate. The student’s development is in relationship to the art not to other students.  Our job is to help you reach YOUR maximum potential. Since everyone is built differently, students are not asked to use movements that do not suit their own body build. For instance, some people prefer using their legs over their hands and some hands over legs. Knowing this the instructor will develop the strong points as well as work on the weak points.

  As each student progresses in their lessons, belt promotions become available as each student is tested in their ability. Belt promotions are important goals as they show a student where they are in relation to their training – where they are, where they were, and where they need to go. DO IT YOURSELF! Rank achievement in Master Padgetts’ school is recognized world wide, and is an achievement you will be proud of all of your life.

  CLASSES AT THE SCHOOL — Classes are comprised of group classes as well as private lessons. Because each student comes in for different reasons and needs, we have many programs designed to meet those needs. Our Introductory Program is the first program that we offer. This program gives you a chance to try a few lessons first to see how you like it and how we teach. Please don’t hesitate to talk to the manager or teacher at the school about this Introductory Program.