Adult Classes

Aikido – This program is designed for the beginner, intermediate or advanced Aikido practioners. The student will learn joint locks, immobilizations, projections, breakfalls and submissiion techniques. The student will learn to channel the opponents aggressivness and utilize that in taking out he opponent. Head Instructor for this class is Sensei Larry Qualls.

MMA – This is an intense and combat sport in which competitors use a mixture of different forms of martial arts. Our progam can accommodate beginners to cage fighters. Our instructors provide unparralled training and experience to all students. Head Instructor for this class is Sensei Joe Wright.


Fitness Cardio – No enrollment, no contract! Open to everyone. Fun, intense, and a great way to get in shape and lose weight. Only $5 per class. See schedule for times. Instructed by Sempai Steve Qualls. – The techniques for adults are made for war. This is not just self defense, it teaches the student how to survive in any situation using deadly force if needed. Head Instructor for this class is Sempai Steve Qualls.