About Us

P.K.K.A. was born on January, 1994 in the town of Crossville, TN under the leadership of Master Scott Padgett. What started out as a small 12×20 ft dojo has grown into a widely well known association with many professional instructors of all different styles and backgrounds. P.K.K.A is about changing people from the inside out.

  We are a rare breed of martial artists that share in a lifestyle that incorporates mind, body and spiritual training. We use martial arts as our vehicle to find our  weakness  and make them strengths. We are one of few dojos that do still practice the misunderstood old ways intended to bring out the best character in each student that we produce.

  P.K.K.A. is a serious dojo teaching serious martial arts. The techniques for adults are made for war. This is not just a self defense school; this is a school that teaches the student how to survive in any situation using deadly force if needed. That’s right, deadly.   Here at P.K.K.A we teach three levels of force to our students. We over skill our students so they are prepared for the unexpected in the real world of violence and lude behavior in which we live.

  There are many sides of P.K.K.A. fitting all types of individuals regardless of age or background.  We have programs for children from ages 5 thru 12. Programs for adults from 13 thru 99. From kenpo street techniques, kickboxing, ground fighting, weapons training, private lessons to women’s self defense. P.K.K.A has it all! We have a well seasoned staff of dedicated instructors that are committed to Black Belt Excellence in each student produced. Contact us today to start you or your childs journey now. It’s never too late to start!!